The real me…


alin bistoletti medium pt coach


This is me now… A nature’s child. An animal loving person. A confident woman full of love for myself and others. A 33 year old woman standing my ground. Yes; I now stand my ground and from now on; I always will!

I will speak my truth and walk my path. I will stand up against injustice, I will spread my light and share my wisdom. I am here for a reason; to help change the world for the better. That’s my mission, my calling…

From the beginning I always felt different; sensitive and not like others. My life’s journey has been rough, challenging. I have been through darkness and trauma. For the majority of my life I have felt diminished and insecure. I have been so scared… Scared of not being loved. Scared of not being accepted for who I truly am. I have been scared; terrified of people leaving me. Of being abandoned. Until now….

For the last few years; I have been on ”my healing journey”. I made a decision that I no longer were willing to carry my heavy burden; my past. So I searched… Searched for help. Because I knew I couldn’t do it alone. So I went to see a therapist.. And then another one.. Then a medium crossed my path and that’s where it truly really started. Then I went to a healer.. And I took help from a shaman. I searched for the right help for me and I found it.

And so the tears started flooding.. The old pain resurfaced and the memories all came back. Yes; it came back and resurfaced because it had to. Because that was the only way for me to release it. Was I scared; yes. Was it worth it? YES!

Because now I’m free and most of all; I am me! The real me. The person I am suppose to be. And the most important thing; I am no longer scared. I am no longer a prisoner of my past. I am free and ready to make a difference.

With love,



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